Elizabeth Archer-Trew

Elizabeth Archer-Trew

General Psychologist
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About Elizabeth

I commenced my private practice in 2013 after working in the welfare, counselling, job network, post-separation, foster care, domestic violence and adult education sectors. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of people from the community who have sought help for a range of issues. Due to my desire to focus on couples counselling and on being of service to my clients, I have been striving to build a practice which focusses understanding and strengthening psychological vulnerabilities rather than on the sole emphasis of symptom relief. My current interest areas include:- working with couples (particularly in the areas of infidelity, grandiosity, & shame); working with individuals w PTSD, Complex PTSD, depression, anxiety and personality issues; grief, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse; and with women who are the unloved daughters of unloving mothers.

My experience to date has highlighted for me why it is so important to be an informed, open-minded and integrative therapist - someone who draws from different theories and modalities to more effectively help those in need. This benefits my clients through my use of experiential tools (eg imagery, rescripting, chair work); cognitive & behavioural tools (eg schema therapy, CBT); problem solving, values based and solutions focused strategies; and also through mindfulness, gratitude and presence (eg Acceptance & Committment Therapy). I am passionate about therapy due to its ability to unpack complex issues and rework long-term unhelpful patterns for both individuals and couples, and constantly seek to upgrade my skills by participating in both domestic and overseas training on a regular basis.


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