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*A booking fee of $0.99 applies for each booking
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How it works

Lysn help you find your best-fit psychologist. We believe in the importance of matching you
with the right psychologist, so you can become the best possible person you can be.

1. Become Aware

Utilise our educational videos and assessment tools to learn more about mental health. Find out what resonates most with your personal experience. Use our matching system to find your best-fit psychologist.

2. Learn

Educate and empower yourself with our educational tools including videos, podcasts and info sheets.

3. Get Help

Connect with a psychologist for an individualised and tailored personal support plan. We will support you to achieve your goals and work toward optimal wellbeing.


Find your best-fit Psychologist

Finding a psychologist you feel comfortable with is an important part of the therapeutic process. Lysn can help you find your best-fit psychologist through a simple, sophisticated matching questionnaire.


Lysn provides you with tools to help you
improve your mental health

Telehealth & Face to Face

 Phone, video conference and face to face counselling and coaching.

Learning Centre

Learning Centre including educational videos, podcasts, tools and fact sheets.

Dashboard & Tools

My Lysn Dashboard including mood tracking, biometrics, graditude journal, selfcare plan and much more.


Clinical Assessments and Questionnaires. Valuable insights and personal interpretation consultations.

Booking System

Easy to use online booking system.

Interactive Content

Interactive online Q&A webinars and Live Feeds.

Best-Fit Matching System

Simple, sophisticated matching system to find your best-fit psychologist.

Low Fees

Low cost matching chemistry consultations.

Simple pricing made for you

Matching Consultation

Non-clinical meet-and-greet consultation
Up to 5 consultations - 1 per psychologist

25 min $19*
Quick Consultation 25 min $69*
Standard Consultation 50 min $139*
*A booking fee of $0.99 applies for each booking

Face to face consultation prices vary depending on the
psychologist's or clinic's independent pricing model

Quick Consultation 25 min Variable
Standard Consultation 50 min Variable
Extended Consultation 90 min Variable
*A booking fee of $0.99 applies for each booking

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